I’ve had a couple of really great days. I’m being productive and feeling happy (these things are almost always related). There’s basically no narrative to this, but in the spirit of my June project I wanted to post about what I’m currently doing.

  • I’ve worked on and completed a client project that I enjoyed immensely.
  • I found out that urban legend will be featured in a magazine I love in a couple of months.
  • I successfully took photographs of my bead collection for said magazine (always an iffy venture for me).
  • I started something fun that has nothing to do with work or moving, and plenty of welcome potential for distraction.
  • I recolored the streak of red in my hair and am having a really cute, bed-heady hair day.
  • I dyed a bunch of beads, and now I have two colors that I have a hard time finding. THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL TO ME.
  • I’ve made several new things, and photographed them. There will be a shop update at urban legend later today.
  • I’ve packed most of my bookshelf and recorded the contents of each box in Goodreads so I know what I’m looking for when I unpack months from now.
  • I’ve had an idea for something entirely new to make. It will be some time before I can actually start working on it, but I’m thrilled to have a completely new idea.
  • I’m reading Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, which is full of sprawling, dirty life and big, beautiful ideas about sprawling, dirty life.
  • Shana and I watched Thor by phone and made things, which is one of my favorite things to do.
  • Later tonight, I’ll go out with friends for dinner and a movie.
  • I’m feeling really happy. Did I say that already?

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