day 30.

I had a different post half-written and planned for today, but it doesn’t seem to fit at the moment so I’ll leave it for another time. I’ve had an uneven couple of days. Yesterday I worked myself into a mood and ended up spiky and unhappy (hence, no blog post, as nothing got past my filter). I slept badly and woke up achy and puffy-eyed in the same mood this morning. To kick my way out of it, I set myself a project. I spent most of today in front of a pile of my most irritating and problematic beads, the ones that are the wrong size or the wrong shape or have holes that are too big or the color doesn’t work with anything, ever. They fought with me and I fought with them and eventually I made something that I love, using nothing but things that were difficult. Making things is a faithful healer; it did the trick and I’ve had a good day. I didn’t want to let the last day of the month go by without posting, but the longer and more structured post I had planned felt dishonest as a report for the last 24 hours. This feels like a small note to end on, but an honest one. This is what I made:

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