words this week.

Words I liked this week, for various reasons.

Made up words:

Bonebox (n.): Head. From the (brilliant, read it right now) short story Recovery by Helen DeWitt, available in its full text here.
Bellyfish (n.): Fetus. From Zazen by Vanessa Veselka

Words of geologic distress:


Words of physicality:


And then there was a headline in the Guardian that began with the words “Full Scale Badger Cull…” The word badger is quite good all by itself, but surround it with the other three, and it’s a silly lexical tour de force.

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One thought on “words this week.

  1. DaveShack

    I was a fan of “Suddenly, bulwarked.”

    I had wondered what else DeWitt had written, so I was glad to read the byline of Recovery to find out.

    When you post, it’s often the reading highlight of my day, so please do.


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