words this week.

In the dictionary:

Intoxerated (adj.) [Ok, fine, it’s not in the dictionary; a girl can hope]: drunk.

Lucubrate (v.) [archaic]: to discourse learnedly in writing; to work by lamplight.

Ludology (n.): the study of games and gaming, especially video games.

“Game studies (or ‘ludology,’ as it’s known, from the Latin for ‘game’), has spawned a new class of academics who devote themselves to analyzing how the wildly popular form of entertainment tells stories — and what it reveals about how we express ourselves.” 

Nick Wadhams, “Academics Turn Their Attention to Video Games,” USA Today, February 13, 2004

[via Wordnik]

Words I learned reading Moby-Dick:

Bosky (adj.): wooded; covered by trees or bushes. (In Moby-Dick, “…men with bosky beards.”)

Squitchy (adj.): [definitions are varied, but generally convey distaste or discomfort.]

Bombazine (n.): a twilled dress fabric of worsted and silk or cotton.

Magniloquent (adj.): using high-flown or bombastic language.

A word no one knows yet because Shana made it up this week:
Permaflail (n.) or possibly sometimes (v.): a state of extreme, unstoppable excitement and happiness. 

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