workingworking, plus color friends.

It’s been an almost normal week of creative work, as I find my way back into doing my thing. Working with glass again has felt like coming home, and I got to make some pieces for the new collections that I’ve been thinking about for months. Shana and I put together several color pairs in the last few days. It’s amazing how much easier that is when we’re sitting right next to each other. No more late-night badly lit phone pictures to try to coordinate colors and lines. It’s so much nicer when I can just poke her and say, “Is this awesome or horrible?” We did one this week that I think is my favorite colorfriends effort ever.

One of the collections I’ve had in mind is a series of jewelry designs inspired by fairy tales, and my contribution to this colorfriends is a pair of earrings in vintage glass and vintage metal. I used glass beads in black and wasabi green, and added vintage metal birdcage charms that I patinaed in a matte, aged white. They’re odd and distinctive and lovely. Shana made a yoyo necklace in matching colors with cotton and silk, and in a truly inspired move, used a print with a text pattern that added a whole other layer to the fairy tale idea. Together, they’re beautiful. We’ve called the pair Bird of Sorrow, after a Turkish fairy tale. You can read the full text here.

Shana’s necklace is available in her shop, and my earrings are listed at Leaves of Glass.

You can read her post about our other colorfriends pairs on Shana’s blog. Stay tuned for more new designs in both my shops, and more colorfriends.

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