wear your story.

One of the most rewarding things about designing jewelry is hearing from a customer who identifies something I’ve made as their signature piece. Reaching for the same pair of earrings day after day because it makes her feel like herself. Wearing a particular necklace because she knows it will make her smile when she looks in the mirror. Putting on a custom bracelet as a reminder of her strengths before starting a difficult day.

Bracelets have always been my favorite pieces to design and make. To me, they’re more narrative than any other form of adornment. ID bracelets, medic alerts, friendship bracelets, mourning armbands, cuffs – something about wearing that encircling form on our arms speaks to identity and sense of self in a very powerful way. They can be a mark of possession or self-possession, a talisman to the wearer – intimate, kinetic, sometimes hidden. You can’t look at a whole bracelet at once when it’s being worn – it’s in constant motion, with different focal points as it moves. The story is in motion.

Here are some of the stories I’ve been working on recently for Leaves of Glass. This week I’m making handcuffs – but that’s a story for later.

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