birthday sale!

I wish they made Underoos for grownups. Wait, maybe they do. I gotta Google something, be right back.

(Oh my stars. Literally. I can’t decide between the corset & panty set and the snuggy.)

ANYWAY. It’s my birthday next Sunday. I’m celebrating with sales in both my jewelry shops, and you’re invited. Everything is 25% off at urban legend – including the new long beaded necklaces! – and sale prices are marked so you don’t need a coupon code. All the grit & sparkle at Leaves of Glass is 20% off with the coupon code BIRTHDAY. Both sales will last through midnight on Sunday, August 25.

Here’s a tempting sample of sparkle and candy to get you started. Please don’t eat the etc., etc. I’d hate to see you lose a tooth from that pretty smile.

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