day 6.

There is a staggering number of things I still can’t find since moving. In the past month, there have been no less than 8 things I’ve gone looking for, without success – beginning with an old New Yorker article that I know I still have, and ending with a fancypants pumpkin carving kit. I’m not so sure about the carving kit. That’s exactly the kind of thing I might have looked at in a packing fugue and thought, the hell with it. I got rid of boxes and boxes of stuff. I thought the remains of my life were fairly well organized. And yet, in a three room apartment, I can’t find a box of knee socks. 

Of all the missing pieces, though, the one that irks me most is the flash cards in the photo on the header of this blog. 
Make. From. Scratch.
I know I have them, and I even know they’re in three books. I just don’t know which three books, and I can’t put my hands on them. I’m starting to wonder if there’s a box of books somewhere I haven’t unpacked. But I really miss them. I find them visually pleasing, but more importantly, I liked having them out where I could see them, a reminder to take the route of practice and skill and story that comes with building things. When they turn up, I’ll find a new home for them and make a new header for the blog. Or maybe I’ll just make new flashcards. From scratch.

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