day 16.

Pippin Poem

Practically speaking, the 
Pippins were superfluous.
Pears were the point of my errand. But
petite and tart,
puckered and gnarled, the 
Pippins seduced me at the market. I
picked up four. At home, I
posed them on the windowsill, their tubby sides
propped together while I 
prepared their
pastry nest. Floured the dough,
patted it into shape,
pressed it into a shallow green bowl.
Picking the apples from the sill, I
pared them, one by one, their little jackets
peeling in a heap. I tucked them in and
pricked the crust, resigned myself to
patience while they
perfumed the kitchen. When the pie emerged,
plump and bubbling, I
polished it off.

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One thought on “day 16.

  1. Anonymous

    This is charming! I love “posed them on the windowsill, their tubby sides propped together” You make me smile!


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