day 24.

As of Monday, I’m officially not a criminal. I mean, I wasn’t one before, but now there’s paperwork. I am also, as of Monday, officially employed by Portland Public Schools as a substitute secretary. Most of me is thrilled to have finally landed a job – not only that, but a job in the school system! Part of me is cringing at how hectic this is going to make my life for a little while, as I’m adjusting to a schedule that has the potential to be different every day.

I’m spending this week trying to wrap up as many dangling projects and obligations as I can, as well as trying to make as much jewelry as I can. As I’ve recently been reminded, I like to work at a medium level of busy/chaotic. It keeps me sharp and creative. But I’m curious about the effect this change is going to have on my writing project. I haven’t given much attention to my posts this week while I’m focused on other things. I’m hoping that won’t continue to be the case, as I’m away from my computer more and more. Going out into the world all day every day is the best way to meet stories, though, and I’m pretty sure there will be some good ones to tell.

And on this short and scrappy note, I’m off to keep slaying the dragon Todolist.

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