I went for a chilly, drizzly run this morning. Running is something I only do about once a week, if that. I’m often at the gym, but I’m not good enough at running yet to make it count in the same way and I haven’t put the effort in to get better at it. This morning, though, I woke up remembering that my dad is running his first marathon today. I can’t be in Richmond to cheer him on, so I put on my running shoes and hoodie, sent him a good luck text, and went out to run next to him for a while. It felt great, and then it felt hard, and then my hips hurt a lot (which is what happens when you run occasionally, but don’t push yourself to improve). But I ran with my dad for a few miles, and I loved it.

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  1. K-dad

    Hey…always the caboose, I’m just catching up. :=D Thanks for running with me — that was sweet, especially in the rain (which was also part of my experience). And thanks for letting me know you did it — that’s really special!

    love, k-dad


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