I’m having one of those phases where I’m full of ideas. The more ideas I have, the more ideas those ideas generate. They’re tumbling all over each other, with tangly tentacles and cross-pollinating vines and growing a giant idea-thicket. There aren’t enough hours in any given day for the ideas I have going right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just need a bigger notebook. And bigger bead boxes. And more embroidery thread, and another stash of white linen, and while you’re at it, some black silk fabric and could someone service my sewing machine and pick up some new bobbins for me, and where the devil are my little scissors, and I should probably get those sharpened and am I out of embroidery hoops AGAIN and if I’m going to keep stitching on paper I should probably get some of those white cotton gloves so I don’t leave marks while I’m working and have I remembered to order silver hooks and brass snake findings, and what was the name of that shop that had the amazing vintage chain with the brass knots?

I’m really enjoying my work right now. I’d write more, but I had an idea while I was typing that last paragraph, and I still have to list the 30 things I made this week, and there are orders to pack and ship as well. I gotta go.

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