As of today, I have lived here for one year. It’s kind of a momentous anniversary, and it feels like I should mark it in some way. And yet, and yet…I’ve traveled the events of my move and the past year fairly extensively on this blog, and today I don’t seem to have anything to add to the record. I didn’t even remember until three o’clock this afternoon. I’m making curry for dinner, I’m putting the finishing stitches on a Christmas gift. I’m scrambling to improvise a last minute gift for my nephew because I made a hapless mistake over the one I’d planned. I’m looking over a pile of books to read and a list of things I’d like to accomplish over the next few weeks of vacation. I have a date I’m looking forward to. Moving here was something like writing my own personal creation myth, but in practice I am just living my life. A good one, a happy one. So no momentous 365 days later post for me today. Just an ordinary good day. That seems like a pretty good marker to me.

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