I feel like I’ve been chasing Christmas by about a half length all month. It’s not that I don’t have things done; I do. But it’s hard to settle into a sense of rest and peace at any time; especially so at this time of year. I find myself wishing for the quiet night magic and sense of connection to the moment that is so natural for children, and looking for ways to make it happen as an adult. I caught a peaceful oasis last night, and I’ve tried to stay in it today as much as possible.

In aid of that, I’m giving myself a Christmas present. I’m not going to write anything here tomorrow. I’m conflicted about that, because I do love a matched set, and I like the commitment to doing something hard. Then again, I thrive on imperfection and the possibilities in unfinished things. This time, I want the grace of the undone thing. I want to spend tomorrow loving and being loved, being with the people who are most important to me in all the ways that we can be together. So I’m giving myself a silent 73, and giving my attention to the people I love.

I’ll see you on 74. Silent night, my friends.

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