Last night I got to see Jason Webley perform live for probably the fifth or sixth time in the past three years. He’s hugely enjoyable to watch, and while I listened to him last night, I was trying to pinpoint that thing – that elusive thing that makes a thing so thinglike. I’ve spent the last hour browsing through YouTube looking for videos, so that I could illustrate the thing. I’ve failed, though, so you’re going to have to take my word for it. There are lots of videos, and plenty of them are songs I love, and a lot of them have good sound and are well put together. None of them convey it properly. The thing I love about watching him live is somehow lost in translation. I only own one album of his, and I seldom listen to it, but I’ll take any opportunity to see him in person. No one is alive and in the room like he is. The man shows up in his own skin, without bravado or need or artifice, and he gives you what he makes. Being there to receive it is the whole thing.

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