People Who Eat in Coffee Shops

This one is for Kaitlyn, in honor of all the years we’ve taken off our lives in diners. I don’t regret one minute, and when are we doing it again? I’ll just be over here listening to Small Change the next time you’re in town.

This year, I’ve also recorded all the poems I’m posting. Click the title of the poem to listen.

People Who Eat in Coffee Shops

People who eat in coffee shops
are not worried about nutrition.
They order the toasted cheese sandwiches blithely,
followed by chocolate egg creams and plaster of paris
wedges of lemon meringue pie.
They don’t have parental, dental, or medical figures hovering
full of warning, or whip out dental floss immediately.
They can live in furnished rooms and whenever they want
go out and eat glazed donuts along with innumerable coffees,
dousing their cigarettes in sloppy saucers.

by Edward Field, taken from Good Poems, American Places

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