45 and counting.

70 necklaces 1

Most of the flat surfaces in my apartment currently have a little bundle of bright colors that looks like this. For the last month, I’ve been working on a project to design 70 of my urban legend vintage Lucite necklaces, to be included in swag bags for VIP tickets at Portland Fashion Week in September. When I started the project, I decided to design 70 completely new necklaces, and I’ve been making at least one a day. It’s been so much fun to put new work together and watch the pile grow!

In addition to collecting these for Portland Fashion Week, I’ve listed exactly one of each of these new designs in my Etsy shop. There will only be two of these designs in existence – one for the shop and one for the show – so if you see one you like, grab it fast!

70 necklaces 2

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3 thoughts on “45 and counting.

  1. Kat Brkic

    Hey, have you stopped making jewelry for your Leaves of Glass site? looks like it’s closed. Haven’t been reading your blog often so may have missed any updates on that.

    1. Kateri Post author

      Hi Kat! I haven’t stopped making Leaves of Glass jewelry, but I have stopped using the Big Cartel website. I’ll be reopening the Leaves of Glass Etsy shop (leavesofglass.etsy.com) around the end of September. Right now I’m working on some new inventory and getting new photographs ready. Thanks for asking!


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