please don’t eat the jewelry.

I finished my 70 necklaces for Portland Fashion Week last week, and shipped them off to their destination. It was a really fun project, and got me back into the habit of daily design. I’m pleased with what I’ve made, and I have lots of ideas for more!

My wonderful sister-in-law designed my packaging for this project. She designs and prints wedding invitations and favor bags, and you can find her shop, Mavora, on Etsy. Thanks, Abby! I used white popcorn bags, with my business cards attached to the necklaces inside. Packaging everything up and tying them together with little polka dot bows took several hours, but it was so satisfying to see all the bags lined up in rows like candy soldiers.

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I won’t get to see these reach their final destination, but I hope all the recipients enjoy their necklaces. I had the best time making them.

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