A blank page is my most-feared final boss form.

Hi blog, you look nice today.

Wow, I’m stuck right now. Remember back a couple of years ago when I was all stern with myself about personal narrative and writing my way through things and trying to be bold and not over-edit and all that? I have a dim recollection of such a time. I was pretty proud of some of those posts, and working that way helped me wrestle through a hard time. It bothers me to look at this website recently, and see that it’s lost its shape, that my voice doesn’t really seem to be here right now.  I’ve lost the habit. I’ve let a couple of regular disciplines fall by the wayside. I’ve slowly and unintentionally built a silence, and that is a thing that I know to be bad for me. I’d like to find my way out of that shapeless, voiceless void and start using this space as a workshop again. For myself, and for the things I make.

So here I am, looking for small ways to find my way back into this conversation with myself. It’s nice to see you. Let’s do this again in a day or two.

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