blaugust #01: how does your blogging grow?

I look forward to August. It’s when the plums and apricots start coming in, and I daydream about making jam and pies. Back to school advertising starts in earnest, and I also enjoy thinking about pencils and notebooks and plaid shirts. It’s my birthday month (I will be the answer to life, the universe, and everything this year!). And this year, it’s also Blaugust, a daily blogging initiative started last year by Belghast. The challenge is to post every day in August, at least 10 sentences per post. I’ve done daily post challenges for myself before, but never with a prescribed minimum or a community commitment to keep me honest and afloat.

A few months ago, I wrote a little bit about intending to blog more regularly. I’ve been keeping this blog since May 2007. Sometimes I write a little, sometimes I write a lot. My focus tends to be two-pronged: I use this space to write about my life and who I am, but I also use it to talk about what I’m making and to promote my work. On my very best days, those two purposes work hand in hand, but that’s a rare achievement. Looking over my archives, I’m pleased at how far back they stretch. But the inconsistency of it nags at me a bit. I like using this space as both a life archive and a wrestling mat to work things out. Writing through a problem or a feeling is generally a productive approach for me, and I always intend to make that more of a habit. So when I learned about Blaugust, I hemmed and hawed for a few weeks, but then I bit the bullet and signed on. For the last month, I’ve been posting a bit more often, trying to get my blogging muscles limber. I’m confident I can do this, although I’m not sure about the quality of my content. This is a good exercise, and I’ve made a deal with myself to not sweat every tiny little thing. Just write, and keep writing. I have a vague list of things I’d like to write about, and a couple of days when a scheduled post will be necessary for calendar reasons. But for the most part, I’m planning to take this day by day, and I’m looking forward to following the rest of the Blaugusteers, and to seeing where I am at the end of the month.

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