blaugust #12: adrift.

I’m sitting down to write this, and at a complete loss for what to talk about today. My hope, yesterday, was to get some good screenshots from venturing back into Guild Wars 2. Maybe have either a rekindled enthusiasm or a definitive reason why I’m not interested, and be able to talk about either of those points. But the installation hit a snag and I never actually got to playing anything at all last night. So that plan went out the window.

Even if it hadn’t, let’s be honest: it was a bit thin, as topics go. I’m struggling a bit with Blaugust at the moment. I’m ok with that – I didn’t expect it to be easy. I’m also not really concerned with the lack of quality in this post, or some of my other ones. The main point of this initiative, for me, is to keep going and not miss a day. Quality, or at any rate consistent effort, will develop with habit.

For today, though, I’m just making a note that I’m struggling. It’s been a really nice day. My boss (and sister-in-law) is the current featured seller on Etsy. The feature article was published this morning on the Etsy blog, and it’s really nice. She works hard, and she makes beautiful things, and I’m proud of her. It was really good to see her recognized and celebrated this way, and we enjoyed watching the comments mount up and congratulations roll in. I got everything for today’s ship list printed and packaged and out the door, and I also got to tidy up a bunch of straggly loose ends that have been on my to-do list for about three weeks. That felt good, too. My mind works better when the visual clutter is reduced.

After work, I went for a massage. I started getting therapeutic massage 5 or 6 years ago, when I first noticed repetitive stress pains from making jewelry. For a long time, I had a regular once a month schedule, and I saw steady improvement and strengthening over the course of a little over two years. Then, I moved to Portland and was unemployed for a long stretch of months. It took me some time to catch up financially, and continuing with massage just wasn’t in the cards for a while. I started going again early this year, and as of a couple of months ago, it’s a regular once a month thing for me again. Today’s work was calves (always, always tight – stretch more. no, more than that.) and my neck. As of right now, I’m feeling properly connected up and limber. In aid of keeping that feeling, I’m going to stop typing now and make myself some dinner.

Anyway, Wednesday. I’m still here. See you tomorrow!

(This post brought to you by the Blaugust initiative.)

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One thought on “blaugust #12: adrift.

  1. welshtroll

    I find that having the same task on my todo list for ages is so frustrating, it’s very satisfying when you get to cross them off.

    The fact you have posted each day is rather awesome and it’s not easy to come up with topics for each day of Blaugust, especially if you don’t post at that frequency on a normal basis. It was one of the reasons I skipped it this year as my work has been so hectic, I took a week almost completely offline which would haven’t work well with a August challenge 🙂


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