blaugust #19: soldier on, salad.

GW2 - Tristis - Kessex Hills 8-17-15b

I couldn’t sleep last night, and I’ve been out all day today. I had a longer post planned, but I’m staggering tired. It will keep. So just a short post tonight.

I revived Tristis and have spent a couple of evenings in Guild Wars 2 this week. She’s got better gear on now and is looking like a steampunk schoolgirl run amok. If that needs translation, I mean she looks good. Following advice,  I’ve abandoned all pretense of crafting and am selling everything I farm and any drops that aren’t useful. I’ve got a couple good salvage kits, but when those are kaput I probably won’t buy more. There is a surprising amount of money to be made in butter and pristine toxic spore samples! I upgraded her weapon and sigils and am sitting on a tidy pile of gold now. I could buy better armor, and probably should, but earning it feels nice.

I spent my first few forays in Kessex Hills, where I died a lot. I mean, A LOT. More than I should have, even for reacclimating and being under-geared. This is because I am crap at playing an elementalist. I can see how it should work. I know she can be a whirlwind of fiery death. But my dodging and spec-switching skills just aren’t there. It’ll take a lot of work. I stuck with it long enough to get decent gear for my level, but then departed for easier fare last night. It’s too hot to die 20 times in an evening. Map completion is a good motivator for me, and I still haven’t done all the starting areas. Last night I did Hoelbrak, and wow! I fell in love. The giant scale of it, and all the Viking-esque snow and ice were really appealing (it is so hot here, so hot). And I totally did not fall off a giant ice sculpture of a bear and plummet to my death in the powdery snow below. Neeeever happened. It was a fun night. So my salad soldiers on in frozen climes (salad crisper?), although I’m now dreaming of a Norn alt in a melee class. Bashing is so simple, y’know?

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One thought on “blaugust #19: soldier on, salad.

  1. Jeromai

    Looking good! Ele does take a while to get used to, I always feel like I’ve forgotten everything when I take my low level alt out for a spin, and have to relearn everything again.

    And plants never die, they just like to take naps during winter! 😉


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