blaugust #31: the last day.

What I want to put here is the >It’s over!< picture from the end of Teen Girl Squad, but that belongs to so just go see it there. Ok.

Here we are, Blaugustinians, August 31. We made it! There have been a couple of days when I complained mightily, but this has been a really great month for me. I’ve had some good interactions, found some new friends on Twitter, and gotten to know some existing friends better through reading their blogs.

I’ve set myself daily posting challenges before, but this is the first time I’ve ever participated in a group challenge. The sense of community has been wonderful, cheering each other on through the days when it felt hard, and digging into a conversation when we had things to say. I’ve enjoyed it, and I’ve been inspired by how many people participated. Big thanks to Belghast for sponsoring Blaugust, managing it, and encouraging us along the way! That’s a huge task, and I’m grateful to have been a part of this.

I’ve had this blog for several years, but there are times when I let it sit idle for long stretches. There’s a funny thing about a dry spell in writing, for me: I feel like I lose my voice. It’s not that I get writer’s block, but when I sit down to write, I don’t sound like myself. This mostly has to do with me being a shy person. Over the years, I learned to cope with that by becoming a pretty adept social mimic. It’s a useful skill, but also one that can feel fundamentally dishonest, and I’ve been trying in recent years to do without it. But it’s hard to turn off a coping mechanism that I’ve used for so long with such versatility, and it creeps back in the subtlest of ways. Like the way I write. If I haven’t been writing for a while, my voice will absorb and reflect whatever I’ve been consuming lately – an author I’ve been reading, or a tv series I’ve just marathoned, or a group I follow on Twitter. It takes a little while to shake that out and hear my own voice again. It takes a while to think of what I really want to talk about, and longer to talk about it on my own terms. This gets much, much easier when I’m writing frequently. So even when it feels like a huge obligation in the day (and I’m not going to lie to you, there have been several days this month that felt that way), it’s a good practice for me to have. I’ve never aspired to being a post-a-day blogger, but after this month, I’m feeling much more comfortable with just posting something without over-analyzing it.

When the month started, I had great plans for reading at least five other Blaugust posts a day and commenting on at least one. There, I haven’t done so well. There are several blogs I’ve followed and come to really appreciate, but I have come nowhere near reading them every day, and I’ve definitely not commented once a day. I have done a lot of liking, and some retweeting, but I feel like I’ve been the recipient of more post interaction than I’ve done. Thank you to everyone who’s commented here, or started a conversation on Twitter, or used the like button on Anook – I’m grateful to all of you, and I look forward to following you as we carry on past Blaugust.

Great work, everybody! I’ll see you on the internet.

(This is my 31st and final post of the Blaugust daily blogging initative.)

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3 thoughts on “blaugust #31: the last day.

  1. Howard Halliday

    Well done, Kateri, and thanks for your support throughout Blaugust. Looking forward to reading whatever comes next.

  2. Dad

    Congratulations on meeting your goal! Good job! I have succeeded in reading them all, and understanding most; but I’m totally clueless about the on-line video game discussions. Can’t even understand the words you’re using…. ;=)


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