this is just to say.

It is the third day of April. Traditionally, on this blog, I’ve done an annual April project to celebrate National Poetry Month. I skipped it last year because there were a number of things clamoring for my attention and I couldn’t hear one more. This year there are at least two more things clamoring for my attention, but damn it, I like this project. I don’t want to let it slide for two years. That is the slide of death. This year is also the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month. If I can’t show up for that, what am I even doing with this chapbook in my hip pocket?

So here I am, days late, shoes untied and twigs in my hair. I will say right up front that there’s no way I’ll post a poem every day this time around, but I’m showing up and I will contribute to class.

It’s been my habit to kick things off with a nod to April Fool’s Day by posting a parody of William Carlos Williams’ This Is Just To Say. I see no reason to alter this habit just because I’m two days late for foolery. Plus, I’ve got a prize one to share that I’ve been saving for two years. This is the work of my friend Matt, whom I met on Twitter, oh, who knows exactly when. He’s a stand-up human being, has good taste in comics, and he’s a fine writer. Obviously. Thanks, Matt!

fucktussle fence

This Is Just To Say

I have rebuilt
the fence
that was in
the backyard

and which
your dogs were
through daily

Forgive me
I have nicknamed you
the Fucktussels
you goddamn rednecks

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