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crush month: day 7

The holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Nothing about these windows says Christmas to me, but I think they’re extraordinary anyway. Darkly intricate odes to fairy tales and anthropomorphism, with heavy references to Alice in Wonderland and steampunk fashion, plus a charming series of Fantastic Mr. Fox windows, using the original puppets from Wes Anderson’s film.

never was a story of more woe

…than that of Red Squirrel and his pillow. I’m lucky to have really funny and wonderful friends and family, and I got fantastic Christmas presents. Here, for your coveting pleasure, is a sampling.

Leslie got me the most excellent pillow I’ve ever seen. It’s a page from an old fabric children’s book, sewn onto a wool panel. And it’s the sad-sackiest page imaginable. Poor Red Squirrel is lame and cannot gather any nuts. Everybody gets there before him – the grey squirrels, the brown squirrels, even the small boys (who, alas, are not pictured).

Shana made me a stocking, and filled it with Etsy delights of every kind. My dad got me a great book about the Red Sox (yay!) and the Yankees (boo!), and my mom sent beautiful slate coasters. Matt sent me a signed first edition by one of my favorite writers. My clever siblings made me cards and sugar scrub. How lucky am I? Thanks, sweet people.

randomly selected holiday specials

For one reason and another, I’ve had a rough and choppy fall, and have fallen a bit behind on all the fun stuff that’s supposed to go with holiday shopping. It didn’t occur to me until this morning that it would be fun to offer daily specials in my shop, so I’m going to do my best to keep up with that plan (Step 1: publicize it so you’re accountable…). Starting with today: for Wednesday, December 3, take 15% off all blue earrings! Keep an eye on my Special of the Day section for new shopping treats.


Happy holidays!

you’ll shoot your eye out, kid

I love, love, love when TBS runs the 24 hours of A Christmas Story. For that one, magical 24 hours, there’s always something good on. Think of it: a 0% chance that you won’t want to watch what’s on. It’s unprecedented.
On the less fun side of things, I am stranded at home in my apartment with a stomach bug/achey/fevery/shaky thing when I’m supposed to be in Virginia visiting my grandparents and sisters. It’s making for a fairly pathetic holiday, I’m sorry to say. I did go out today to get some groceries for tomorrow so I could at least pretend to make Christmas, but as I was rewarded by almost passing out when I got home, I don’t think I’ll try again for a couple of days.
It’s the pity post! Feel bad for me, for I am ill and sad!