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45 and counting.

70 necklaces 1

Most of the flat surfaces in my apartment currently have a little bundle of bright colors that looks like this. For the last month, I’ve been working on a project to design 70 of my urban legend vintage Lucite necklaces, to be included in swag bags for VIP tickets at Portland Fashion Week in September. When I started the project, I decided to design 70 completely new necklaces, and I’ve been making at least one a day. It’s been so much fun to put new work together¬†and watch the pile grow!

In addition to collecting these for Portland Fashion Week, I’ve listed exactly one of each of these new designs in my Etsy shop. There will only be two of these designs in existence – one for the shop and one for the show – so if you see one you like, grab it fast!

70 necklaces 2


Shana and I have several new additions to the colorfriends collection from the past few weeks, with more in the works. Here’s what’s new (clicking on the pictures will take you to the item listings):

aprirsi necklace & barrette
aster barrette & garden party necklace

giverny barrette & bracelet

easy tiger barrette & tyger tyger necklace

color friends

Shana and I have a long and happy history of feeding each other’s creative energy. Lately this has focused on color (after some mutual customers commented on Twitter that they liked how our work looked together, and having “jewelry that are friends.” Awesome.), and we’ve been making some pieces with the same names and colorstories. You can see some of hers here, and we’re working on adding a colorfriends tag so you can see them all together on Etsy. These are some of mine for this week:
Why, yes, I do think they turned out well. Thank you.

colors & where they come from.

I get ideas from all kinds of places, but one of my favorite games is to find a photograph, or a page in a catalog, or a swatch on a color blog (Creative Holly Color or Color-Collective, for example) and try to match vintage Lucite beads to my source. It’s sort of like doing a puzzle – it often takes me several tries to get four or five colors or tones into an arrangement that actually echoes the source image. I think it’s fun. I’m nerdy that way. Here are some colorstories that turned into necklaces:

Beach Umbrella Fine Art Photograph by alicebgardens;
nostalgia necklace (coming next week)

swatch taken from color-collective;
poranj necklace

handmade hurts so good: black & blue

I’m feeling a little tender at the moment, so my color combo of the week is black and blue. Edgy and soothing all at once, how satisfying! Shops featured are listed below, from left to right.

1. VerreEncore
2. eggagogo
3. margauxlange
4. prettypennydesigns
5. twilightandfiligree
6. johnwgolden
7. CircaCeramics
8. brindakaydesign
9. malam