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dressing daisy kutter.

My wonderful friend Dennice makes brilliant, very sexy accessories with the use of yarn and needles. I make very sexy, kind of surprising jewelry with the use of pliers and wire. We share a similar aesthetic and inspirations, and are turned on by classic Hollywood glamour, rusty metal, liquids, Westerns, and accurate spelling. From time to time through our correspondence, our interests come together in a single idea, and we play it out in our two different mediums. Some time ago, we both read Kazu Kibuishi’s graphic novel Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, and were captivated by the stubborn, curly-haired heroine who embraces bad decisions with a whole heart and a loaded weapon. We were also impressed at how well accessorized she is, and that got us started.

Both pieces will be listed today in our respective shops, with more complete descriptions.

vice is nice

Several weeks ago, fringe and I decided we’d like to try turning our affinity for vice (the aura of it, if not the constant practice) into a design project. Because we don’t have enough to do already, right? We’re having endless fun coming up with different kinds of vices, complementary and contrasting designs, and names for our finished products. I design a piece of jewelry, she designs one of her scrumptious pieces of wearable fiber artistry, we help each other with our names and descriptions and we each reference the other’s piece in our listings. We’ve done two so far, and we’re practically delirious with the possibilities for more. Viva Vice!

Vice Squad #1: Whiskey and Tobacco

Vice Squad #2: Absinthe and Elegantly Wasted