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crush month: day 25

The Boy. My sweet and funny nephew, Grant, is celebrating his third Christmas today. I wish I could be with him to share the fun, but as we’re far apart I have to be content with pictures. Just this fall, he stopped looking like a baby and started looking like a boy. Here are some that I love.

Brushing his teeth:

DJ’ing a wedding:

Enjoying the packing, last Christmas:

Aiming his Red Ryder BB Gun (oh wait, that’s Ralphie):

Catching snowflakes:

And in a few short months, he’ll be joined by a baby sister; I can’t wait to meet her. Merry Christmas! God bless us, every one.

reno trip

There, Dad. I’m hardly late at all. xo.
These are mostly not great, due to my having to hide the camera from G-Baby if I wanted to get any pictures. He spent the better part of the weekend trying to get it from me while I was trying to shoot extra-cute video of him. I have at least three vid clips that end with him saying, “See me? See me?” and taking the camera away from me so that the film runs out on a blank bit of carpet with my voice saying, “But if you hold it, we can’t see you.” It’s the stuff of film legend, I tell you.

When he’s not trying to steal electronics, the boy is mad for puzzles. He’s a whiz with a giant puzzle of dinosaurs that my parents gave him; I wish I’d been able to get good film of him putting it together. His other favorite of the moment is a big marble track that got disassembled and reassembled about 10 times over the weekend, and I did get some nice shots of that.

I seem not to have gotten a single good picture of Abby, to my chagrin. There are very few of Tim, all taken on one afternoon. Mostly just Grant. And one inexplicable shot of my breakfast, which I guess I took to show him what to do with the camera. And a scan of a watercolor painting G made for me; he also did a really great picture of a pear that I couldn’t scan because the yellow is too pale. I’ll see if I can take a picture of that this weekend. I’m under no illusion that it was intentional, but it’s hilariously pear-like – a graceful yellow blob with a straight green stem coming out the top, and a quick flattening of the brush into a suggestion of leaf. Very funny.

“Give me the camera.”

“Again, I must insist that you give me the camera.”

A lovely closeup of G-baby’s fingers, taken by himself.

He did manage to take two surprisingly focused self-portraits while pushing the button indiscriminately.

(This one with strawberry waffle-face.)

you’ll shoot your eye out, kid

I love, love, love when TBS runs the 24 hours of A Christmas Story. For that one, magical 24 hours, there’s always something good on. Think of it: a 0% chance that you won’t want to watch what’s on. It’s unprecedented.
On the less fun side of things, I am stranded at home in my apartment with a stomach bug/achey/fevery/shaky thing when I’m supposed to be in Virginia visiting my grandparents and sisters. It’s making for a fairly pathetic holiday, I’m sorry to say. I did go out today to get some groceries for tomorrow so I could at least pretend to make Christmas, but as I was rewarded by almost passing out when I got home, I don’t think I’ll try again for a couple of days.
It’s the pity post! Feel bad for me, for I am ill and sad!