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summer lazy

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I’m enjoying my summer so much. I’ve gone to movies, gone to breakfast, gone to dinner, gone for drinks, gone on a makeup-buying bender, gone for walks, gone to block parties, and gone days and days without washing my hair. Ahem.

In the spirit of my lazy summer days, there will be no shop updates for either of my shops the week of July 5. I’m taking a break from photographs and listings, although I’ll still be making new things. You just have to wait an extra week to see them while I sit and read a book. (I know. Big meanie.)

I will, however, continue my summer sale in Leaves of Glass through Monday, July 5. Everything in that shop is 30% off, with sale prices marked so you don’t have to fidget waiting for me to get around to sending a revised invoice (that would take way too long. I’m quilting, or at the farmer’s market, or trying to figure out how to make yogurt or something). Many of these pieces will be discontinued after this sale, so get them while you can! I’ll be working on a new collection later this summer (I’d give you a hint, but I have absolutely no idea what it’s going to be like), so I’m clearing the decks now. Here are a few of the pieces that are currently on sale:

I hope you’re enjoying your summer too! If you read any really great books, drop me a line and tell me about them.

a modern gothic tale

In the car on the way home from work, me (pointing out the window to a fancy house): I want to live there. And stay home all the time and peek out the window past the lace curtains, like Miss Havisham.

Leslie: Yeah!

Me: Only not with the disgusting wedding cake, with the bugs.

Leslie: What kind of cake? Yellow cake with chocolate frosting?

Me: Sometimes. Not all the time, or I’d get tired of it.

Leslie: Not me. What would you wear?

Me: I don’t know. Let’s be honest, probably mostly what I wear now.

Leslie: And do you know the true story behind those yoga pants, children? Once, a very long time ago, Miss Morton enrolled in a yoga class and bought some pants. But she found that just having the pants made her feel better. More limber, and stretchy, and relaxed. And do you know what, boys and girls? To this very day, she never goes to yoga. Ooooo.