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Smiling in the stacks.

It all started last winter when my friend Bettie Newell and I had a conversation over cocktails about small business and marketing. Bettie is a wonderful photographer, and she had an idea about doing a photoshoot with my urban legend jewelry line. Let’s get some cute girls and some vintage dresses together with your necklaces and take pictures! Well, yes, please, I would love that. A few weeks after that conversation, I posted a photograph on Instagram using a vintage dictionary as a background for a necklace. Bettie texted me immediately and said she thought the library would be perfect for a photoshoot. We set about getting permission and rounding up several of our lovely friends to be models.

And so it happened that about a month ago, I packed up a collection of urban legend jewelry and headed to Central Library in downtown Portland to meet some beautiful ladies. Central Library is an exceptionally beautiful building: spacious and light and elegant. We had a gorgeous sunny spring morning, and the light was beautiful. The group of us spent a fun few hours in the stacks, trying to keep our laughter hushed as we effected wardrobe changes, browsed through books, and scouted out good spots to gather. We managed to be unobtrusive for most of the time, but we gathered a small audience while we were posing on the central staircase. What can I say, we looked adorable.

These pictures are a small sample of the beautiful work that Bettie did. I love her eye for color and faces, and I’m so happy with the way this project came together! It’s been so much fun adding a few of these at a time to my shop listings. Keep your eyes open for more! And please visit Bettie’s website to see more of her beautiful photographs, or to book a photo session.

guerilla marketing: adorn your friends!

My friend Julia came to visit me a couple of months ago, and I made her a pair of earrings using vintage glass pearls I found at a flea market. Just a very simple, classic pair of drops on bright sterling leverbacks. They seemed to suit her beautifully. She wore them on the airplane home, and gave my card to a woman who admired them. The woman visited my Etsy shop and bought two pairs of earrings. Julia wore the earrings to the grocery store. The woman who rang up her order admired them, and Julia gave her my card as well. She ordered the same pair, and then commissioned me to make her a matching bracelet and necklace set to wear to her daughter’s wedding later this month. She was thrilled with them, and handed my cards and some printouts of pictures from my shop to her coworkers. And on it went…Thanks, JJ!

I neglected to take pictures of the custom bracelet and earrings before I sent them off, but this is the necklace. I’m pretty pleased with it; I wish I had more of these pearly, heavy textured beads, but I used the whole strand on the three custom pieces.