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the lighter side of dark gardens: the glossary continued

Most of my inspiration for my summer collection comes from actual plants, but for the sake of fun I took some liberties along the way. The names for the two pieces below were taken from Stella Gibbons’ humorous Gothic novel, Cold Comfort Farm. The main character of the novel is Miss Flora Poste, who goes to stay with distant relatives at the slovenly and mysterious Cold Comfort Farm. Hilarity and enlightenment (for the relatives – Flora is already quite enlightened for a single woman in 1932) ensue. I named the little rosette studs Flora in Miss Poste’s honor. The necklace is called Sukebind, after a fictional weed which blooms in spring on the farm, unleashing rampant sexual urges and inevitably resulting, year after year, in the maid’s pregnancy. In 1995, there was an enchanting movie adaption of the novel, starring Kate Beckinsale as Flora. Well worth watching for the funny, the dresses, the hats and an unforgettably smoldering Rufus Sewell.

The Sukebind Necklace is a single, stunning Art Deco molded and faceted lavender glass circle, hung on a double length of vintage brass faceted ball chain. The Flora Posts are vintage pearlized plastic roses with tiny rhinestones in the center, securely attached to sterling silver posts.

we didn’t see johnny depp

Last summer when the new Dillinger movie was being filmed in Chicago, Leslie and I went to the Aragon to see if we could watch anything interesting happen. As it turned out, we couldn’t, really, but we sat across the street and watched for a while anyway. I took a couple of pictures and forgot about them until I was cleaning out some photos today. Mainly they’re just of the building itself, which I love, but I did manage to get one grainy shot of the period storefront they put in for the set (usually the windows of the building are empty and have signs for a daycare) and one picture of some extras in costume. And one of Archy, who was hot and got bored and took a nap.