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local love

This weekend, I have the honor of being the featured showcase artist at RR#1 during the West Town Art Walk. RR#1 was my first wholesale account, and they remain my biggest fans and best supporters in my small corner of the handmade jewelry world. The shop is beautiful. Housed in a former apothecary, it retains the original wood and glass fixtures, rolling ladders and tin ceiling, and is home to a meticulously curated collection of gifts and papergoods. (The RR is for Red Rooster.) I’m proud of my long association with this lovely shop, and I’m so pleased to be participating this weekend!

The West Town Art Walk will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 22-24. Details and a list of participating businesses can be found on the Facebook page for the event.

I’ve made lots of new pieces for this weekend, almost all of them one of a kind. You can see a small sample in the sneak peeks below. I hope they’re tempting enough to bring my Chicago fans out in the heat to enjoy some music and shopping (in air conditioning!).

I’ll be at RR#1 on Friday night from 7-10, and I hope to see you there! The shop is located at 814 North Ashland at Ashland and Chicago.

sneak peek!

I’m not doing so well with the sneak peeks for my shop updates – ideally, they should be spread out over several days leading up to the update, but at the moment it’s all I can do to get the update posted at all. I have high hopes for improving my technique once school is out, however. Bear with me…

Tomorrow’s update will be for both urban legend and Leaves of Glass. I’ve finally made some new vintage Lucite pieces for urban legend, and you can see some of them in the picture above. There are several more, including some earrings and an updated version of my long-ago popular Combat Bracelet.

The Leaves of Glass update will be quite a bit smaller: just five pieces this week, including two one-of-a-kind coordinating pieces that showcase some gorgeous rare glass beads in bright eggyolk yellow.

I’m still working on editing photographs, and have a few more that I’m hoping to take this afternoon before it gets dark. I’ll do my best to have the update live before 11 a.m. Central Daylight Time on Tuesday, May 25.

just one

I don’t often make one of a kind designs, but on recent forays into the bead boxes I’ve discovered a few pairs of beads that are too fun to ignore. So far I’ve made three pairs of earrings that are one of a kind items. These are all vintage Lucite, so they’ll be listed in urban legend.

grass earrings: the long green drops are the “just one” element in these earrings.

pie hole earrings: made as a loving and sorrowful tribute to a wonderful (now cancelled) show, Pushing Daisies. This is the last pair I have of these creamy hot pink pendants.

cabana earrings: absolutely fantastic sunshiny yellow striped ovals. If I ever see these beads again, this design will return.