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this is just to say.

It is the third day of April. Traditionally, on this blog, I’ve done an annual April project to celebrate National Poetry Month. I skipped it last year because there were a number of things clamoring for my attention and I couldn’t hear one more. This year there are at least two more things clamoring for my attention, but damn it, I like this project. I don’t want to let it slide for two years. That is the slide of death. This year is also the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month. If I can’t show up for that, what am I even doing with this chapbook in my hip pocket?

So here I am, days late, shoes untied and twigs in my hair. I will say right up front that there’s no way I’ll post a poem every day this time around, but I’m showing up and I will contribute to class.

It’s been my habit to kick things off with a nod to April Fool’s Day by posting a parody of William Carlos Williams’ This Is Just To Say. I see no reason to alter this habit just because I’m two days late for foolery. Plus, I’ve got a prize one to share that I’ve been saving for two years. This is the work of my friend Matt, whom I met on Twitter, oh, who knows exactly when. He’s a stand-up human being, has good taste in comics, and he’s a fine writer. Obviously. Thanks, Matt!

fucktussle fence

This Is Just To Say

I have rebuilt
the fence
that was in
the backyard

and which
your dogs were
through daily

Forgive me
I have nicknamed you
the Fucktussels
you goddamn rednecks

this is just to say.

It’s April 1, which means it’s National Poetry Month in the US once again. Which, in turn, means I’m going to try to post a poem a day here throughout the month. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, and to change it up a little bit this year I’m going to record the poems as well as posting them. You’ll be able to hear them by clicking on the poem title in the post. 

This is not going to be a perfect effort. In some cases, I’ve practiced reading the poem before recording it. In others, I just read it. I’m still working out sound editing and which is the best way to record. There may be the occasional background noise. I really wanted to do this, and decided that if I waited until I had it perfect, it wouldn’t ever happen. So I’m learning as I go, which is often the best way. I hope you enjoy the results.

Today’s poem was a gift to me from my friend Liz. It’s not only wonderful, it also fulfills two criteria that I try to hit when curating poetry for April. It’s a suitable bit of nonsense for April Fool’s Day, and it’s a magnificent riff on William Carlos Williams’ “This Is Just to Say.”

This Is Just to Say

I have integrated

the random variables
that were in
the sample space

and which

you were probably 
for a density function

Forgive me

they were continuous
so normal
and so infinite

by Liz Twarog