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the true adventures of pellet in high school

So I think I mentioned I have this beanie baby hamster thingy. I acquired him several years ago, and he’s been sitting on my desk as a sort of unofficial mascot as long as I’ve worked here. The kids seem to like him; sometimes they ask if they can have him (no.). Staff members like to arrange him in poses, give him props, bring other stuffies to sit next to him, and on occasion, perform nefarious deeds such as Kidnappings or Concealments.

Having absolutely no ideas for a February blog project, I’ve decided to make February the month of Pellet. I’ll be sharing some of his adventures and pictures. The picture above is Pellet’s current pose, looking at me over my monitor. One of the interns balanced him on the very narrow top edge of the screen and when he got jostled he performed some kind of beanbag-butt-backwards magic flip and lodged here:

And there he’ll stay until his next outing. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Pellet in High School!