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dresses week at pivot launches today

If you’re in Chicago, check out Pivot Boutique at 1101 W. Fulton Market. Owner Jessa Brinkmeyer is launching a special Dresses Week event today, with lots and lots of gorgeous eco-designer dresses in stock, and mohop shoes available to try on and order. Jessa carries my jewelry at Pivot, and I was really excited when she asked me to design several custom pieces just for this event. Pivot is well worth a visit any day, but a special event makes it a must-see; go check it out!

phone pics

I so rarely remember to upload the pictures I take with my phone (they hardly ever come out well, anyway), but here are a few that I liked.

The holiday party at Pivot last week was a huge success. It’s a beautiful boutique, and full of amazing ecofinds
from inspired and conscientious artists. I took this picture when I went outside for a breather. It was packed to the rafters, as you can see by the windows – they’re completely fogged up, and it made a nice effect in the streetlight at night.

This picture was taken over Thanksgiving weekend in Knoxville, TN, on a walk by the river.

One of my favorite things about living in a city is the abundance of signage everywhere I look. This is an impromptu piece of artwork on a free newspaper stand outside of a liquor store. I love it.

pivot holiday party, december 4th

A couple of months ago, I received an invitation to participate in a holiday party at Pivot Boutique in Chicago, along with several other local eco-minded artists. I’m honored to be included, and really looking forward to the event next Thursday. If you live in the area, stop by Pivot at 1101 West Fulton Market for holiday fun and locally made eco-friendly fashion!