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no. really?

Has it actually been over a month since I posted ANYthing here? That’s no good. Especially since I’ve been working on lots of new designs, reading stacks of good things, and working on embroidery projects. There’s lots to catch up on. I’ve also inherited a pile of back issues of Poetry magazine and plan to start posting some oldies but goodies here (from back when Tess Gallagher had new volumes being published and Billy Collins was but a gleam in the eye of the University of Arkansas Press…).

Until I actually get on that, though, I have nothing to offer you but sneak peeks. Coming up in tomorrow’s shop update at urban legend, we have a Bunch of Pink Things, and A Few Things That Are Less Pink:

local love

This weekend, I have the honor of being the featured showcase artist at RR#1 during the West Town Art Walk. RR#1 was my first wholesale account, and they remain my biggest fans and best supporters in my small corner of the handmade jewelry world. The shop is beautiful. Housed in a former apothecary, it retains the original wood and glass fixtures, rolling ladders and tin ceiling, and is home to a meticulously curated collection of gifts and papergoods. (The RR is for Red Rooster.) I’m proud of my long association with this lovely shop, and I’m so pleased to be participating this weekend!

The West Town Art Walk will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 22-24. Details and a list of participating businesses can be found on the Facebook page for the event.

I’ve made lots of new pieces for this weekend, almost all of them one of a kind. You can see a small sample in the sneak peeks below. I hope they’re tempting enough to bring my Chicago fans out in the heat to enjoy some music and shopping (in air conditioning!).

I’ll be at RR#1 on Friday night from 7-10, and I hope to see you there! The shop is located at 814 North Ashland at Ashland and Chicago.

promises, promises.

In which I swear to do real blogging soon. It’s summer and I have things to talk about. This one, however, is a quickie. I finally listed some new designs at Leaves of Glass today – lots of light & dark contrast, with my trademark grit & sparkle. Here’s a peek, and you can see all the new pieces in the shop:

glassy sneak peeks.

Last weekend I was finally inspired with some fresh ideas for vintage glass designs. I like bold colors and mostly simple lines at the moment (although there is one pair of messy mismatch in here, and I’m really pleased with them). I was thinking about an idea two of my friends have for superhero school, and the classes that would need to be offered, and suddenly I was off and running with ideas. Don’t ask me how it works, I don’t know…

Oh, and a tiny taste of urban legend, for good measure: