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i’m bringing shiny back

After a week of rest, followed by several weeks of designing, making and (arduously, with great angst) photographing my new summer collection, I am very proud to introduce Dark Gardens. My new collection was inspired by poisonous and medicinal plants, with a touch of childrens’ fantasy and fairytale lore thrown in for good measure. These designs feature some really lovely, very old glass beads in a cobalt-lime-violet colorway. The beads are mostly dark, so I’ve balanced them with quite a bit of sparkle and bright metals to try to convey a modern line that echoes Art Deco design and the formalizing of nature.

I’ve also restyled my photographs, so my shop looks quite a bit different than it did a month ago when I went on vacation. It always takes me a while to settle into a new approach, but overall I’m really pleased and proud of the way this collection works together. Please stop by Leaves of Glass and have a look, and thanks for all the good wishes and excitement that kept me going while I was putting Dark Gardens together!