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etsy urban hip, week who knows: days of wine & roses

I’m hunting around for a new format for promoting my favorite Etsy shops, but before the busy holiday season sets in for real, I wanted to do one last one in my original Urban Hip accessories format. At the moment, I’m in love with wine red. The rich color and the way it plays off my current favorite paper background are just delighting me, so it’s all over my shop. Here are some of my favorite red items by my favorite urban hipsters. Click the pictures to shop, people!

etsy urban hip, week 14: tutus, tequila & federales

I’m loving my girls especially much this week, as they’re helping smooth all my little annoyances with grace and goofyness. Here’s to a successful fall, ladies; you’re all delightful and I wish we could don our gay apparel and meet in person. Thanks for being the most supportive and hilarious Etsy-buddies I could ask for. As for my gentle readers, I apologize for the preponderance of inside jokes; enjoy our latest treasures (and have fun storming the castle)!

Vintage leather and crazy quilt cuff with skeleton key closure from New Orleans by bayousalvage, $24.00

Fast Lane Lariat by fringe, $42.00

No. 199 BROADWAY BABY by Talula, $26.00

Red Velvet Cake by boringsidney, $125.00

Absinthe Earrings by leavesofglass, $22.00

etsy urban hip, week 13(ish): scrumdiddlyumptious

I’ve been remiss with the urban hip project, I admit it. I got a little sidetracked with another project I hope to blog about later in the week. No promises, as they would be totally worthless.

But here’s what my clever girlfriends came up with while I wasn’t looking – aren’t they sharp? And don’t we look good together? I’ve added the marvelous urbanheirlooms to our ranks; please peruse her wares!

No. 068e CONTESSA by Talula; $24.00.

Phantom in the Top Hat by BoringSidney; $85.00.

Spellbound Luxury Cowl by fringe; $94.00.

Antique Turq Knot Tassel Necklace by urbanheirlooms; $50.00.

Intermission Lantern Earrings by leavesofglass; $18.00.

Bayou Bijoux irish lace rose recycled vintage leather sweet necklace collar from down de bayou by bayousalvage; $30.00.

etsy urban hip, week 11: think cool thoughts

It continues to be unbearably hot in Chicago, like living in a damp inferno. And the first person who points out the physical impossibility of such an environment will be summarily dismissed from my presence, thank you very much. I stand by my oxymoron. So without further ado, cool and soothing accessories:

No. 55e Ethereal by talula, $16.00

Lillian by boringsidney, $95.00

The Lily Lariat by fringe, $45.00

Finland meets the bayou Marimekko Ananas Fabric bag in lime green by rustchic, $54.00

Ice Necklace by leavesofglass, $34.00

etsy urban hip, week 9: reused, recycled and repurposed

As opposed to bewitched, bothered and bewildered, although the work represented below is certainly bewitching. This week I’ve been delighted with my very talented colleagues’ pieces using recycled and vintage materials. I’m going to continue featuring a guest spot, as I did last week. This week, please visit http://nolasalvage.etsy.com and enjoy Heather’s powerfully beautiful creations made with New Orleans salvage. Also, I’m not featuring any of my own pieces this week, as I don’t currently have anything using repurposed materials. Of course, I won’t discourage you from visiting my shop if you really, really want to.

As usual, Fringe is ahead of me with better design concepts, so I’m converting to her method of linking to a whole shop, rather than a specific item. Often, the items I feature sell out and then the link leads you to a disappointing “This item sold out on …” page. This way, you get to browse the artist’s full selection. (And I get to use the same link every time, which, admittedly, is a time-saver for me.)

Enjoy the talent, people.

Tetanus by boringsidney, $150.00

Shotgun House 80 by nolasalvage, $15.00

No. 152 Bettie Was a Boyscout by talula, $28.00

Sagebrush Trail Lariat by fringe, $50.00

Sweet Tea … recycled pleather and vintage crazy quilt cuff from down de bayou by bayousalvage, $27.00