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etsy urban hip, week 8: gumshoe fetish

It’s no secret, I love detective stories. I thrive on Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, The Continental Op and Roderick Alleyn, and summer brings out the yen even more. Irresponsible beach reading, and all that. My fixation has led me to launch a new series of jewelry, Noir, using light and shadow as design concepts. Watch for it, it’s coming… Besides, some detective fiction novels are exquisite works of literature in their own right: The Maltese Falcon, Mystic River, The Long Goodbye, etc., etc. And even if they’re trash, the lure of light vs. dark is irresistable. This week, for love of the gumshoes, some accessories that prove you can still be sexy, even on a stakeout.

For the ultimate in femme fatale fashion, indulge in Amarillis by boringsidney, $75.00

Never forget that detection always turns up more secrets than you expect. No. 148 Pandora by talula, $56.00

Powerful protection for those moments of heightened danger: Black and White but feeling Blue mojo cuff with vintage button by bayousalvage, $18.00
Stay cozy while waiting out those long stakeouts; wear fringe’s French Maid Cowl, $48.00

And, lastly, never forget your all-important Alibi, earrings by leavesofglass, $18.00

etsy urban hip, week 7: ode to home

(sorry I’m late with this, y’all; after next week, I’ll finally, finally, finally have internet access at home, and this won’t be such a crapshoot.)

In honor of the delights of home, I’m changing the routine a little bit this week. Instead of listing coordinating items by my very talented colleagues, I’m featuring items which I’ve already bought, and which I was delighted to see again when I got back home (except in the case of boringsidney’s cool hat, which I covet, but haven’t bought yet – I’ll get around to it, Belle!). I’ve also added a guest artist, the very talented stilettoheights. Her art card is a one-of-a-kind item, as are talula’s magical Indigo necklace and rustchic’s very special salvage angel, so I haven’t included links for those photos. They’re mine, all mine, but you should, as always, check out their shops for other wonders. Fringe’s Climbing Rose Lariat can be purchased here, and boringsidney’s Corset Top Hat is listed here. Oh, and my Long Goodbye earrings – I kept a pair, but there are more for sale here.

And I, Too (ACEO by stilettoheights)

March for Peace Architectural Salvage Angel from New Orleans by rustchic
Climbing Rose Lariat by fringe
Corset Top Hat by boringsidney
No. 127 Indigo by talula
Long Goodbye earrings by leavesofglass

Etsy Urban Hip, Week 6: kaBOOM!

Here in the state of Idaho, which I think I’ve mentioned liking, fireworks are legal. I’m psched about my 4th of July, which is also our last day here. We’re gonna go out with a bang. That’s right, I said it. Wish I had all this swag to wear to the festivities.

talula: No. 005b Pure Texas, $22.00

boringsidney: Red Madhatter Top Hat, $75.00

fringe: Sweet-Talk Shrug, $64.00

rustchic: Destash or Divorce vintage cotton fabric, $7.00

leavesofglass: Independence Earrings, $18.00

Etsy Urban Hip, Week 5: Green Up, Twin Falls!

I love this little town. It’s full of kind and friendly people, and they’re all devoted to their beautiful state. The first thing people say when you meet them is “How do you like our Idaho?” Your Idaho is truly beautiful, and your resources, although they don’t include water, are extensive. But you have to expand your recycling program. Cans and corrugated cardboard alone cannot save the planet; I know it can be a time-consuming hassle, and potentially expensive, but you can do it. You gotta do it. So don your snappy accessories (made, in some cases, with recycled and/or repurposed materials), and green up!

bayousalvage: Garden District vintage cut velvet and metallic lace cuff from New Orleans, $36.00

fringe: Doll-Baby Shrug, $64.00

boringsidney: Industrial Waste Mantilla, $35.00

talula: No. 055 Irish Rose, $32.00

leavesofglass: Chinatown Earrings, $18.00

Etsy Urban Hip, Week 4: Bright and Sunny

I’m out in Idaho visiting my sister for a couple of weeks, and it’s really, really, really sunny up here in the higher elevation. Dry and bright and cloudless. For this week’s showcase, I chose bright and sunny accessories in desert colors. I’m still having trouble with the links, so the captions are hyperlinked, rather than the photographs. (I am, as usual, ripping off my friend Dennice’s wonderful ideas and trying a different format for this week’s pictures. I hope they display a little better than my previous posts.)

boringsidney: Crazy Chip Bag Headpiece, $10.00
leavesofglass: Bloom Earrings, $22.00
bayousalvage: Key to the City Mojo vintage leather cuff, $18.00
fringe: Picnic Lariat, $45.00
talula: No. 008 Petit Talula charm necklace, $18.00