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local love

This weekend, I have the honor of being the featured showcase artist at RR#1 during the West Town Art Walk. RR#1 was my first wholesale account, and they remain my biggest fans and best supporters in my small corner of the handmade jewelry world. The shop is beautiful. Housed in a former apothecary, it retains the original wood and glass fixtures, rolling ladders and tin ceiling, and is home to a meticulously curated collection of gifts and papergoods. (The RR is for Red Rooster.) I’m proud of my long association with this lovely shop, and I’m so pleased to be participating this weekend!

The West Town Art Walk will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 22-24. Details and a list of participating businesses can be found on the Facebook page for the event.

I’ve made lots of new pieces for this weekend, almost all of them one of a kind. You can see a small sample in the sneak peeks below. I hope they’re tempting enough to bring my Chicago fans out in the heat to enjoy some music and shopping (in air conditioning!).

I’ll be at RR#1 on Friday night from 7-10, and I hope to see you there! The shop is located at 814 North Ashland at Ashland and Chicago.

that was fun.

I spent the weekend holding metal over a flame and then dropping it into a cup of brightly colored liquid, where it sizzled and spat and hissed and clanked. Then I fished it out, and repeated the process over and over and over until I had a whole sheet full of vintage metal and chain covered in lustrous colors. These components still need to be sealed, but they’ll start turning up in new designs in another week or so.

In other productivity news, here are a couple of things that will be posting in tomorrow’s shop updates.

a new leaf

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything here. During the silent months, I’ve enjoyed a hilarious and productive summer vacation, gotten rid of what feels like half my stuff, rearranged my apartment, started a regular workout routine, redyed my hair three times (it’s blue right now), read many books, designed lots and lots of new work, and made a perfect mulligatawny soup. And three failed batches of caramel.

A lot of this has been chronicled on Twitter. I find it easier to keep up with that, for some reason, although it obviously doesn’t have the scope for reflection that blogging does. If you do the Twitter thing, please follow me – I promise hilarity and frequent hair updates, as well as immediate notification when I post new things and the occasional random sale, based on whimsy. I have renewed intentions for good blogging, of course – when do I not? – and a head full of half-written blog posts on everything from concert reviews to dyeing Lucite beads, and I hope to actually be able to write about them soon.

Anyone who already follows me on Twitter will know that I’ve been working on setting up a new shop over at Big Cartel. As of this week, I’ll start posting my new designs for Leaves of Glass in that shop rather than my Etsy shop for Tuesday updates. (For now, urban legend will remain on Etsy only). I’ll continue to sell existing listings and several of my best sellers on Etsy, but will be working on promoting the new site as much as I can. There are a number of reasons for this, but I’ll just touch on my top 2 here:

1. It’s more cost effective for me, and therefore I can make my jewelry a bit more affordable for you. You’ll notice that prices are a little lower there than in my Etsy shop.

2. DISCOUNT CODES! Big Cartel allows me to program discount codes into my shop so that you can take advantage of sales, coupons and special offers without waiting for a revised invoice or refund.

This is a huge deal for me, and I’m excited to try it out; so to celebrate point #2, I’ll be launching this week’s brand new Leaves of Glass shop update with a discount code. Enter code NEWLEAF when you checkout at www.leaves-of-glass.com for a 10% discount on your order. (Fine Print: This code will be good through Tuesday, October 5, and may not be combined with other discounts.)

I’ll also be sending out an email reminder with the new shop information. In the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks of tomorrow’s update to whet your appetite.

leaves of glass flashback

I’ve been doing inventory while planning supply orders, and have come across a few of my early jewelry designs. I thought it might be fun to list these pieces in my shop at their original prices, as a sort of retro sale. So starting today, and continuing until they’re gone, I’ll be listing a couple of these oldies for your nostalgic shopping pleasure. Have fun!