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colors & where they come from.

I get ideas from all kinds of places, but one of my favorite games is to find a photograph, or a page in a catalog, or a swatch on a color blog (Creative Holly Color or Color-Collective, for example) and try to match vintage Lucite beads to my source. It’s sort of like doing a puzzle – it often takes me several tries to get four or five colors or tones into an arrangement that actually echoes the source image. I think it’s fun. I’m nerdy that way. Here are some colorstories that turned into necklaces:

Beach Umbrella Fine Art Photograph by alicebgardens;
nostalgia necklace (coming next week)

swatch taken from color-collective;
poranj necklace

that was fun.

I spent the weekend holding metal over a flame and then dropping it into a cup of brightly colored liquid, where it sizzled and spat and hissed and clanked. Then I fished it out, and repeated the process over and over and over until I had a whole sheet full of vintage metal and chain covered in lustrous colors. These components still need to be sealed, but they’ll start turning up in new designs in another week or so.

In other productivity news, here are a couple of things that will be posting in tomorrow’s shop updates.

early bird

I’m making a conscious effort to get a little ahead of myself so that my weekends aren’t so jam-packed with to-do list things. So I spent some time this weekend pulling beads together for holiday designs. Most of them won’t be in the shop for a while yet, but it felt cozy to be enjoying crisp, cool weather and gathering up sparkling silvers and whites for winter wear.

Here’s a preview of what will be in the shop tomorrow, though – I played all weekend in the beadyard, so there will be several new earring designs and two new necklaces this week.

(Keep an eye on Leaves of Glass, too – there are several new pieces that will list there tomorrow as well.)

sneak peek june 14, 2010

I promised Pellet he could go to Milwaukee with me, but in my hurry to reach the beads I forgot him. As a consolation prize, I let him dive in and play around when I got home. Here are some pictures of him enjoying himself in the bucket o’ beads.

Tuesday’s shop update will be mostly for urban legend. I brought home some amazing vintage Lucite. A number of the pieces I bought are vintage Lucite pendants that are not available online from my suppliers yet, so most of the earrings I’m listing tomorrow are one of a kind (for now, anyway) – get them while you can, these are some really special beads!