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45 and counting.

70 necklaces 1

Most of the flat surfaces in my apartment currently have a little bundle of bright colors that looks like this. For the last month, I’ve been working on a project to design 70 of my urban legend vintage Lucite necklaces, to be included in swag bags for VIP tickets at Portland Fashion Week in September. When I started the project, I decided to design 70 completely new necklaces, and I’ve been making at least one a day. It’s been so much fun to put new work togetherĀ and watch the pile grow!

In addition to collecting these for Portland Fashion Week, I’ve listed exactly one of each of these new designs in my Etsy shop. There will only be two of these designs in existence – one for the shop and one for the show – so if you see one you like, grab it fast!

70 necklaces 2

’tis the candy season.

It’s sale time! urban legend is participating in Etsy’s community-run annual sales event, Christmas in July. Most items in the shop are discounted 25% for the duration of the sale, from July 11-21.* Sale prices are listed, so there’s no need to use a coupon code. Happy shopping, and please don’t eat the jewelry!

*new designs and necklace of the month club are not discounted.

crush month: day 10

There are many things I enjoy about Glee, and many things I really hate about Glee, but Emma Pillsbury never has a bad moment. She’s loony, and her doe eyes are almost too enormous, but in a show loaded with bad behavior, she’s often the only adult in the room. She pronounces the word “gosh” with an extra little twinge of “r” in the middle, and manages to make that sound charming. She sterilizes everything she touches and cringes away from ugliness, while still handing out sound advice for balanced, healthy living to everyone else. More than anything else, though, she’s a seriously snappy dresser. There are whole blogs devoted to Emma Pillsbury’s wardrobe and how to get it. One of her more wondrous necklaces inspired something special I made for Shana a couple of months ago, and may lead to more new designs for me this winter. While I personally can’t rock any of her sweater-clipped, giant-ribboned, rosette-laden looks, I wouldn’t miss obsessing over them for anything.

blog post: in which i resolve to be worthy.

I found this lovely piece of handmade vintage on the front page of Etsy, and I had to have it. I know there’s a recession; I’m just doing my part for the economy. Anyway, that’s my story. The fabulous AquaVelvet gave me a stunning compliment and told me I knew how to rock the vintage. I fear it’s not really true. Amongst my inner circle, I’m well known as something of a frumpy dresser. I favor jeans, boots and long sweaters, and usually resemble a sort of perky longshoreman in disproportionately fancy earrings. When this package arrived, however, I realized I was going to have to step up my game. It’s time to start really rocking the vintage. I’ll do my best, AquaV, thanks! Check out AquaVelvet‘s Etsy shop for more exceptional vintage items, and you can rock too. (She also makes gorgeous jewelry, available at http://morphologie.us/).