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words this week.

In the dictionary:

Gaffle – I like the slang usage of this word, as in to steal.
Bugbearn. This is a new actual word to me. My only previous acquaintance with it has been as an adorable monster in Kingdom of Loathing, and I didn’t realize it was a real word until I read it in Moby Dick. “…he was nothing but a humbug, trying to be a bugbear.” 

Also in words this week, a bit of Twitter magic:

words this week.

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Not in the dictionary:

Salvagepunk (adj.): technological style progression from steampunk (from an interview with China Mieville)

Indecorgeous (adj.?): meaning undefined, use at will. Source.

In the dictionary:


An idea I like expressed in words I love:

Holy minimalism

And oh, how I love this series of etymological short films from Mysteries of Vernacular: