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So, I spent the first half of today being creative and productive and full of ideas. Then my second winter cold in two months caught up with me, and I’ve spent the second half of the day napping and playing video games and watching Columbo. I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time staring at this page, trying to Make Something Interesting Happen. It has not. Every time, I look at it for five minutes and then I go play a little more World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is interesting to me, so here it is.

I haven’t been playing very long, but so far I really enjoy it. It’s pretty, and it can be funny, and it’s very satisfying to accept quest, complete quest, accept reward for quest. Done and done, level up, what’s next? Today I’ve been playing an alt that I created for strictly disposable purposes, and didn’t intend to play at all. But the thing is I named him too well, and it’s too funny, and I find that I have to play him. He’s an orc rogue, of Horde allegiance, and all his quests are very very dull. Half the time, when he’s sent off to kill something, there’s not even any pretense of a reason. My Alliance character at least has to kill stuff to collect its feathers or teeth or something. The orc just has to kill to bring his kill numbers up. It’s boring. But I can’t stop, because I named him Diddums, and it’s just too weepingly funny every time the overly dramatic music plays and whoever the quest master of the moment is says “You have done well, Diddums!” and gives me a pair of Thug Pants as a reward. I’m in every danger of playing this boring brute for months because his text gives me the giggles.

I mean, really:

p.s. He’s surprisingly graceful in the act of sitting.